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Today I finally have the right to choose

Today I choose that Im not going to use

Today a drug is something Im not gonna abuse


But I wasnt abusing drugs, they were abusing me

I have the power now, I choose to be free

Today Im proud of who I am, Im cool with being me


I know that my true peeps are just a phone call away

No one answers, its cool, drop down and pray

Thats one dude wholl never turn me away


Finally feeling empowered by something other than a drug

At my meeting tonight everyone gave me a damn hug

Greeting my friends with a smile, no need to mean mug


Im at peace right now, in spanish the words ahora

On a journey to find myself, Im an explorer

That blue books like a map by my side, call me Dora


Done more in the last two days than the last two years

Feeling damn good too, no more useless tears

Not afraid of the darkness, overcoming my fears

Step into these rooms and feel like class is in session

Cuz I know someones gonna speak, and Im gonna learn a lesson

My higher power is speaking to me thru other people, what a blessin


Tired from the constant run around like jet lag

Twelve steps to build my life back, tools in my bag

Feeling good about myself, walking with some swagg


In charge of the evil forces now, Cobra Commander

No more walking around stupified, Derrick Zoolander

Loose as a goose on the hunt for a gander


Gonna make this my home group,  SIA (serenity in addiction)

My desire to stay clean is all I gotta pay

One step at a time, live day by day


James is gonna sponsor me, introducd me to my brothers

Were one big family now, even though we got different mothers

Just a phone call away, there to help one another


Living the dream staying clean no more dope fiend

Proud to finally be a part of a championship caliber team