Woke up this morning and opened my eyes


Looked in the mirror to quite a surprise


Standing in the bathroom and who did I see


That smart, handsome, warm hearted dude, it was me


For the first time in many years, Danny is back


No more snorting pills, no more smoking crack

This chronic behavior, that shit is so wack

Been a long struggle, a ten year panic attack


Surrounding myself with the proper tools to succeed

The right people, places, and things are all that I need


Im out of control and its perfectly clear

Stop smoking weed, dont pick up a beer

Prove it to yourself, at least give it a year

Success seems so far, its actually quite near


Go outside at night and talk to the moon

Take your shirt off, feel the sun at high noon

Breathe, meditate, think, put on a tune

Everything that happens is part of Gods plan


At the end of the day, Dan is his own man


So what should it be, coach scout or GM?


You know what throughout this life I can be all of them


For my life to be perfect, I dont have to be rich

For someone to get caught, no one has to snitch


For God sees all, thru him all things can be done

Four years from now, im finna be someone


Wildest dreams will come true, someway, somehow

No more self destruction, achieve, the time is now


Ran in enough circles, wasted enough time off the clock

Like a sprinter lining up getting down on the block


As soon as the dude pulls the trigger of that gun

Gonna shoot outta here, gonna have some good clean fun


Sprint towards the endzone like an Indy Colt

Might as well call me the white Usain Bolt


Eyes on the prize stay humble stay focused

Attack this disease like a swarm of angry locusts


I can be the only one to cause my downfall

Hold up strong to this demon, chest out, stand tall

Gonna be a slam dunk, alley oop pass from Chris Paul


Before bed at night drop down to my knees

Loudly proclaim- ‘God help me fight this disease’

As long as I ask I know that he will

Im the happy drug, surely dont need a damn pill

Might be a difficult climb to the top of this hill

But man when I get there can only imagine the thrill


Adios Damien, no more life of pain

Dont need an umbrella, gonna dance in the rain


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