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Im not very happy about the recent turning of events

But Ill be waiting, getting stronger, ready to pounce first chance I get

Im the 500-pound gorilla waiting just outside the room

I like to stay out of dodge, in the shadows is where I loom

You may be unaware, but Im in charge of leading you to your doom

Ill wait as long as I have to, but hopefully we can start soon

Maybe we can get this thing going sometime before noon


So lets get it started, I’ve got a life to take half way around the world

Equal opportunity destroyer, doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or girl

No matter how long it takes, Im persistent, never back down

I take after the Rock, always ready to layeth the smack down

Ill sit on any block, feel welcome in any crack house

Doesn’t matter to me, comfortable in a white or black town

Im king of this addiction jungle, not worried about losing my crown


I saw your old girl Roxanne just the other day

She was asking about you, wanted me to say hey

Whenever you’re ready to get back together give her a call

Even if its shitty weather you guys can just go chill at the mall

Try not to think of it as the start of another freefall

One little reunion won’t hurt, you guys will have a ball


That last time she hurt you, said it would be your last

Where did that come from, how did things change so fast

Lets try and forget about the pain she caused in your past

You’re in the clear now, look at how many months have gone by

Just a little bit won’t hurt, Im fiending for you to get high


Lets be clear, Ill find a way to manifest your destruction

All those meetings, you think you’re blessed, only a minor obstruction

Ill be waiting right here, as long as you’re breathing

Because you’re doing good gives me more of a reason

That voice inside your head, I know you hear it screaming

Come on the clock is ticking, time to unleash the demon


Don’t gimme this crap, living Just for Today

You can trust me, Ill show you a better way

As long as it takes, in the shadows I will stay

Im not asking for money, with your life you will pay