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Im trying to blow your mind every chance that I get

Have you flying by the seat of the pants that you sit

Throw a beat behind it have people dancing I bet

Natural recovery flow, not rapping, perfect fit

Hope is the best drug Ive ever been on, not crapping no shit

All natural high, through the roof its legit

Greatest present in life, unwrapping the gift

Heard this way don’t work, (laughing) that’s a myth


What led up to this, smothered by giving into the voices every time I got paid

Got fed up with this, discovered a solution to deal with the choices Ive made

Won’t let up, uncovered my faith in an institution, how I feel just won’t fade

Stocked up a whole bunch of lemons, started juicing, added sugar, lemonade

Now Im driving past the dope house, flippin the bird just dont buy it

Made up my mind, that’s my choice, undisturbed standing by it

Can see that your blind, unable to rejoice, demanding you try it

Whatever the vice, this program is built to get you thru it

Some clever advice, try it Nike style, Just Do It

Once in a lifetime discovery, not exactly how I planned it

On the road to recovery, don’t pick up this program demands it

Hungry for more lessons, not from fasting don’t knock it til you try it

Leave long lasting impressions, posing for pictures with my word, standing by it


Ill try to see how many times in a row I can go with this flow so you know gonna show what I mean got a dream not a scheme

Change the world boys and girls heres our chance to go dance in the rain free of pain in my brain what I see we live free come with me

On this quest for revolution as we seek the solution to the pollution thats resistant and persistant

As we attack it fights back constantly changing rearranging adjusting to the hustling and bustling no matter the past this cant last it all happened so fast


Lets slow it down instead


Time to show the world that were fed


Up to here faces red


Let us pray for all who are dead


Not from bullets of lead


But corrupt greedy doctors instead


At 3am a grieving mothers heart is racing


Pops cant sleep back and forth hes pacing


American greed at its finest is the reality that were facing


Straight cash money talks no hesitation at these mills


Script after script without reservation knowing it kills


These doctors are booking vacations and paying their bills


Wreaking havoc on our nation flooding the streets with their pills


For every script written theres more money fancier cars


Its time to start paying back that debt to society while sitting behind bars

Check out this Vanguard documentary on this epidemic