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I can hardly put into words the feeling I get

When I see people are clicking, reading my shit

At last found a place where I belong, perfect fit

Having a blast high on life, this feelings legit


Didn’t know how people would react to me writing this way

But I can only keep what I have by constantly giving it away

Another addict passing me the baton in this around the world relay

Peoples lives are at stake, aint got time to delay


Three outcomes with getting high, jails institutions and death

That’s a factual statement, believe it, no myth

Successful addicts, sure they do exist

Uncomfortable in their own skin though, I must insist


Speaking from personal experience when it comes to this matter

Consider myself lucky I didn’t end up on a police blatter

Or is it a blotter, sometimes I get confused

Have an excuse, only a handful of brain cells left cuz I used


Never forget the sound on the other end of that phone

I surrender Mama, I wanna come home

Dan I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear your voice

Don’t be scared, its OK, you’re making an excellent choice


Not exactly smooth sailing, the seas they were rough

Spending Turkey Day in rehab was certainly tough

Those feelings I had that day, never forget that stuff

So glad I came to the conclusion enough is enough


Was told to get my ass to a meeting the day I got out

Walked out that door, clock ticking, no time to pout

Glad I listened, by the end of that night I wanted to shout

What a life changing experience, that’s what Im talking about


Digging deeper into myself, it takes dedication

Looking inside everyday with prayer, meditation

Pleased to see Im happy with what I am finding

So where to from here, don’t know, still deciding


Possibilities truly endless, opportunities right around the corner

My parents no longer have to fear a phone call from the coroner

Excited about the future, can’t wait to see where I go

Living life the right way, pretty cool you know?

Proud to say it, Ive regained control

It feels good to finally be out of that hole