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Dictators of Diction spreading truth, like Ludacris, by Word of Mouth 

Two ears and one mouth, listen double up, don’t talk back, watch your mouth

Before you make a decision, contemplate it, hear me out

Ill speak up so its clear, listen to me shout  

Try to cover all the bases, leave you with no doubt

Positive Recovery Flow, leave you with no reason to pout

Climbing back straight to the top, world look out

Not even boozing it, dry, like it’s a drought


Started out getting lifted, smoking that bowl

That turned into other shit, life spun outta control

Dug myself deeper and deeper, into a hole

Was talking to the devil, contemplating selling my soul

Looking out for a lady now, one who aint dancing ’round a pole

Like an All-Pro running back, focused hard on hitting the hole

Wheres all my Single Ladies at, Beyonce Knowles


My favorite artist is Styles P, a Gentleman and a Gangster

Unlike 50 said, he sure aint a Wankster

Working hard every day, stacking money like Im a banker

Really digging this route, like Im a flanker

All this Yoga every day has me sore like a canker

100 miles an hour on the highway, switching lanes with no blinker

No more living life on a path of destruction, like I was driving a tank or

A submarine, looking for a ship I could sink or


Got my family back, still trying to make them prouder and prouder

This flow inside my head keeps getting louder and louder

Volume won’t go down, no knob, don’t have a clicker

Only two options, recovery or get sicker

Open minded, no argument, no time to bicker


No more Hangover you know, like Zack Galifianakis

Got a strong team around me, just like the Wolfpack is

Sober Recovery Flow, welcome don’t attack this

Every day is a gift, time to unwrap the package

Wake up like its Christmas morning, lets see whats under the tree

Like I signed up for the Army, time to be all I can be

Employable now, so its time to go to work

People not saying Im a New Boy, Youre a Jerk