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Who contributed to the building of You

Who makes the sky turn pink, the ocean look blue

What concepts do you value

What goes in to you being you

When you feel overwhelmed, how do you get through

When you know you can help, do you say, ‘Ive been thru that too’

Why do you do the things you do

Why do you choose what you choose to pursue

Where do you look when you want to change your view

Where do you go, once you’re ready to break through


The five W’s in life can be so hard to answer

Eat away at your emotions, almost kill you like cancer

There’s no magic potions, no herbal enhancer

You pay for the ticket, in life you’re the financer

So when things get hard, where do you turn

Life turns up the heat, skin starts to burn

Something is missing, you start to yearn

For someone to teach you, you want to learn


About something completely foreign, for me spiritual belief

Could write for hours, but I’ll keep it brief

Hard to explain the power of instant relief

Of turning your life over to the Commander in Chief

No, Im not speaking of someone who got elected

Talking about the being I so often neglected

It took hitting rock bottom to change my perspective

Had to take a step back, rethink my objective

Thought hard about this choice, wanted to be selective


Thought about hiding it at first, like singing in the shower

Now Im proud of it, would shout from the top of a tower

I chose to believe in something I call my Higher Power

Owe it all the credit, like a semester hour

Now all 24 are good, its always happy hour

Not trying to push any specific religion

Just passing along the power of my decision

Like a doctor, had to work with precision

Had to slice thru some stuff, make an incision

It hit me all of the sudden, quite a collision

Something’s looking out for me, always have supervision

Never have to fully understand it, like long division

Whatever you want in life, close your eyes, envision


This new blessing has come as a gift

Have to live it though, talk is cheap like its thrift

Took many nights awake, like working the midnight shift

With inner peace came sleep, woke up a new person like I had a facelift

Powerful enough to change the world like continental drift

Sometimes to find the diamond, through a ton of dirt you have to sift