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How badly do you really want to use

Well that all depends, how much do you really want to lose

The decision is entirely mine, I get to choose

Whatever I want, snort a line, chug some booze

Screw it lets empty the account, get a stash of blues

Go rob CVS, make front page news


Our decisions large or small, may affect a lifetime

Like im on Millionaire, make a call, use a lifeline

Hit up Facebook, check for inspiration on someones timeline

Take another look, the police stations not where I spend my time

See the clock, this is my hour, Dannys serene when I rhyme

Please don’t mock through my fingers to the keys flow the thoughts on my mind


What an experience, seeking and finding such gratitude

No longer feeling weak, changing my mind and attitude

What a circle of friends who are clean, never alone in solitude

Peaceful and serene, down to my very last molecule


Sometimes its foggy out, still looking for the rainbow, can’t see the pot of gold at the end

Its cool, believe good is coming, even if I have to pretend

Love the slogan, its ok, just fake it till you make it

The world is yours, open up your hand, reach out and take it

Throw all the positives in a bowl, stick em in the oven, bake it

Seek and find that sleeping beauty inside, lets wake it

Peace to the 7 dwarves on this ride, time to get rid of Sleepy and Dopey

Permanent smile on my face, no longer weepy and mopey

Gonna be Prince Charming, who’s that giving hope – me


Woke up this morning, first thing hit the Hot Yoga class

Best way to start the day, hit the mat, sweat off that ass


Headed wherever the wind blows me, its cool I get to choose

Dreaded when they first told me, now its ok, I don’t have to use


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