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Deep in the depths of Hell, sadness, is where I used to dwell

Everyday buy and sell, madness, scream and yell

Life wasn’t right not living very swell

Had a serious care of the fuckits, was like oh well


Wanted to spread my wings take off take flight

Didn’t know the way, I couldn’t shake it off see the light

Living in misery so deranged, I wasn’t living right

Screaming silently for change, I just didn’t have the might

Tired from tossing and turning, sweating it out all night

Scared to fucking death, constantly living in fright


Wrong choices every day, what made me choose

To do the wrong thing, Im a winner who don’t like to lose

The song the bird would sing, felt like a sinner every time I would use

Ticking time bomb about to go off, find a way to diffuse


Thinking back on those days I feel like such a fucking fool

Drinking, smack, the wrong ways such a fucking tool

Pain, madness, insanity, no clarity

Rain, sadness, profanity, family so mad at me

Jails, institutions, death, how many you really wanna try

Females, prostitution, short of breath, how hard you really wanna cry

Heart missing, mind wishing, man I wish I was done, just fucking die

Not listening, blind living, the line above was the plan no fucking lie

A lotta pain experienced, but hey such is life

This Aquarius was delirious, somehow thru the rain came the light



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