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Im on top of the world haven’t you heard self anointed

Bending over backwards to help whoever double jointed

Recovery Flow Accepting the Blessing that phrase I flippin coined it

Not the middle but the index straight to the sky watch me point it


This monotony just aint stopping me aint gonna let it

This aint monopoly don’t care about your property or how you get it

Its tomfoolery all that jewelry could care less about your bling

Just aint cool to me look like a fool to me the bigger the pinky ring


Felt my mind expansion, like im cognitively advanced

Super motivated, like im prerogatively enhanced

Used to chill with this girl Roxanne, call it my chemical romance

Lived in my own world, flying solo not dependable, serious bromance


Felt held down by that gorilla on top of me such power strangling with his hands

Dealt head down no Mike Jackson thriller, wallflower not enjoying the dance

Found a program that helps, makes me look inside my head, analytical

Doesn’t matter race nation or creed, not political

No matter what you’re facing, whatever you need, deal with it with help, spiritual

Thankful that Ive discovered another outlet with this flow, lyrical

Got a message the other day, I stayed clean today with help from your rhyme

You are the reason I write, each and every time



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