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My boy Tyga chillin, up in Rack City

Used to live in my own world, call it Smack City

Traveled with nonsense in the trunk, always had that wack with me

At war with myself, always under attack, feel me

Finally said God im tired of all this crap, heal me

He helped reshuffle the deck, no longer in a trap, deal me


Selfish programs we working, check the motives

I am the King of this City, only cat who voted

Gotta be careful whos hangin with me, that’s been noted

Proud of the 50some flows under my belt, cuz I friggin wrote it


Some talk about pleasure, some rhyme about pain

Others try to measure all that time I was out, insane

I met a new friend, im Letting Go and Letting Him

I don’t believe its all about repenting on a sin


Thank Him every night for traveling with me along this path

Silly grin cuz lifes no longer unraveling, I don’t have to feel the Demons wrath

I was adding knowledge by subtracting everything, had to do some fucked up math


The things I got now aint material, it doesn’t matter about the cash

Stocked up for months, aint got nothing in the droor on stash

After getting mowed down tumbled up broke the lease again here we go

Slowed down humbled up said peace to my old friend the ego


This land we live in is live free or die

My plan is live me, do Dan or at least try

Proud to say God cleanses my soul, sometimes I cry

Fogged up were my lenses, cleaned em up, can see the twinkle in my eye


Once again im a friend, a son and a brother

A helping hand I can lend, chosen one, im a lover

Not a fighter, put down the fists

Inner spark like a lighter, Impossible is just a Myth



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