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Often times I wonder, is there a right and wrong way to pray

Certain keywords to throw in, specific things to say

Quite confused about this for something I practice every day

On my knees every night, at the end of the bed in which I lay


Is there anything taboo? Too intense to talk about

Is it supposed to be a soft whisper, or am I supposed to shout

Pretty sure im not being judged, or at least I truly doubt it

Either way I gotta get this shit off when my brain is foggy n clouded


I try to be as vaguely specific as possible

Im not asking a genie for three wishes that’s just illogical

I try to ask for things by being thankful

Stocking up the faith, already have a spiritual bank-full

All fueled up on positivity and hope, like I got a tank-full


People have so many names for God, too many to even count

Not here to say ones right or ones wrong, that’s not what this is about


I believe the prayers from around the world all go to the same places

All inclusive, doesn’t matter boy or girl, whatever we claim as our races

Money and material things don’t matter, neither does the color of our faces

Were all connected as human beings, even by the slightest of traces


We all have demons in common, and this is how we face them

Things we gotta put out there, just so the God of our understanding can erase them


Unsure how this world started, I can’t imply the theory of creation

The cross around my neck says brothers, doesn’t specify my affiliation


Been doing some research in my readings, about all the asm’s and the ism’s

Finding that while all different, they all have good in them

Trying to find the common theme, create my own Danny-ism


Im thankful for all the blessings that each new day seems to bring


Im thankful for the sun coming up and my world spinning around, that bird that sings


Im thankful for the wonderful people in my life, each one who crosses my path


Im thankful I don’t wake up sick, feeling the devils wrath


Im thankful for the job I love, and even that I have one


Im thankful for the financial benefits of it, even more that I have fun


Im thankful to have faith, ok with whatever may be the plan


Im thankful that Im no longer trapped in that maze, my life is in His hands


Im thankful to be at a place where I can be comfortable today, act like a man


Im thankful that I cleared up the lines, I can talk to the Great Spirit


Im thankful every time I pray, because I truly believe He can hear it



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