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Whats the Batman line? Dancing with the devil in the pale moon light?

Used to have my own kind, dancing with the devil, the pale blue kind

Mr nice guy, nah, spitting nothing but venom

I wasn’t cool cuz I sold dope, wore baggy denim

I was a fool with no hope, didn’t want my familys help, I wouldn’t let em

Chasing just one more, Id do anything to get em

Liar, thief, shadiest mother fucker around

Acting all hard, I was the biggest sucker in town

Used to wait around all day, for that specific call

Seen the top before, what a prolific fall

Went to school with dreams, pissed away a scholarship

The problem was obvious back then, didn’t want to acknowledge it

It was his and her fault, everyone elses but mine

Whats done in the darkness comes to the light, all in due time

I went there in a haze, kicking and screaming

All I knew was the nightmare I created, unfamiliar with dreaming

Only lying to myself, I was pretty good at scheming

Lost, out of touch, feeble, I was a real dick

So thankful to be scared of that needle, never felt a prick

Did some sick twisted shit, sold my dead moms jewelry

All for some powder up my nose, a few hours of tomfoolery

Cant even believe it, that shit used to be cool to me

Money for toilet paper was outta the question, so I had to take a shower

Each and every time I went, hows that for having absolutely no power

That shit woke me up in the morning, let me know if I could sleep

Got in the way of my process of mourning, told me how hard I could weep

Family concerned, considered them a minor obstruction

Get the fuck outta the way, I gotta cause some major destruction

Spent my last night out banging my head against a door, concussion

Simply couldn’t take it anymore, picked up the damn phone

Help me my soul is sore, im surrounded by familiar strangers, all alone

Thought it couldn’t be done, impossible, considered myself hopeless

Learned I could be a son, highly probable, all I had to be was dopeless

Thankful for the discovery of this way of life, a brand new kind

Like I traded the old one in, got a brand new mind

It aint easy to look within, not knowing what you might find

Discovered some shit I like, I had it this whole lifetime

Not free of defaults, aint nobody is perfect

This shits cool though, it works if you work it



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