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Oh look its my heart, right there on my sleeve

Say what Im thinking, no filter, I do what I believe

Sometimes good sometimes bad, might get me into trouble

Cool with that today, to grow is to struggle

Sometimes my bark is vicious, some think I need a muzzle

Aint nothing soft and cute about this dog, I aint a puggle

I warm up after a while, temperatures right ill even cuddle

Not gonna lie man, confused, call me befuddled

Gotta do what was suggested, Let Go and Let God

No more lollygagging, from across the room no nod

Aint got me bugging, certainly aint trippin,

Won’t catch me chuggin, certainly not sniffin

Had me glancing in the mirror, whats wrong with you fool

That lasted about thirty seconds, be strong you cool

Learned how to pick up the phone, use it as a tool

Never ever alone, sometimes this world, its cruel

Turn the stressing into a blessing, use it as fuel for my fire

In every experience theres a lesson, screw the stars and the moon, im shooting higher



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