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Try not to ever say never

Not too late to start whatever the endeavor

Wherever the wind blows me, light as a feather

Its always sunny in Dannydelphia, no matter the weather

Proud I was found a wreck, now its time to find the treasure


Feel like I went on MTV and got made

Discovering who I wanna be, how Ima get paid

Like the No Fear bumper sticker, not afraid

Romping around so hard, jeans worn at the bottom, theyre frayed

Heart first, head second, further down the list is getting laid

Screw coming back, Im just glad I stayed


This Is A Good Sign, I stay dedicated

All jacked up with positivity and hope, heavily medicated

Content with just enough, whatever pays the bills

Don’t need fancy this shiny that, free are my everyday thrills


True beauty, happiness, bliss in everything around me

Live truly, love and sappiness, bless everyone around me

Wasn’t really looking, so I think He found me

These rhymes were just the start, now I try to speak profoundly

Walk around head high open heart, once lost, so happy that I found me

Cool with being me, I can walk around proudly


Pay attention, eye contact, try to listen when others speak

If I only listen to the voice between my ears, outlooks pretty bleak

Surrender was the base, climbing to the top, cant wait for the view from the peak

Lance Armstrong flow, I LiveStrong, even when Im feeling weak



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