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Having fun toying with these syllables, call it wordplay

Not concerned about how dorky it may seem, call it nerdplay

Celebrating life every single day like its my birthday

Might as well call me Laker James, cuz I feel Im Worthy

To reach the peak or at least keep climbing towards the top

Positive perception, constant progression, this aint never gonna stop

I work hard, every day is full, sometimes I feel like I might drop

Full, overstuffed with energy, positivity and hope, sometimes I feel I might pop

Confident not arrogant, its what I have become

Everyone has the chance, its apparent, to feel like you’re the chosen one

Might not be Ali flow, certainly not the Greatest Of All Time

In spite though, keep improving with the latest of these rhymes

My God has given me a chance to gain wisdom, cerebral enhancement

My job lets me Dance in the Rain, an opportunity for advancement

Couldn’t have done shit if I wasn’t at peace and serene

Don’t know how else to say it, Pissed off for Greatness, I stay mean

Sometimes life comes at you in spite, it stings, like a Mosquito

That prepares me for the bright lights, whatever it brings, like a Casino

So what is it Danny Boy, what exactly is it you wanna do

Keep busting that fanny boy, whatever you want, simply do you

Let the winds blow, trees rustling, stay humble stay true

Stand in front of the mirror, cool with the dude staring back, be good with you



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