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Definitely a turnaround, lets call it an incomplete 180

I was lost, starting to be found, things are pretty sweet lately

Its funny, my God works in such a mysterious way

Kinda ironic I grabbed the tag on Mothers Day

Took a deep breath, walked outside and looked up in the sky

Happy Mothers Day, miss you ma, little tear to the eye

I know you’re jumping for joy, so incredibly proud

I was screaming your name silently inside, didn’t want to get loud

Not sure how many miles away, but so close the gleam of those stars

I can feel you smiling down, for real, don’t really seem that far

What a great way to spend the day, at a wedding with all my friends

To have you all in my life, man I am so truly blessed

Some people I talk to a lot, others I barely know

That’s the beauty of it, and it just goes to show

Anything is possible, wildest dreams become reality

Blessed today to be so happy, filled to the brim with vitality

A very special thanks to those in the Yoga crew

You are the group of people I feel the closest to

No personal shout outs, yall already know who you are

Without you in my life, no way I would have come this far

Sometimes the highlight of my day is that stinky sweaty hug

There aint no other way around it, undoubtedly that is love

Thanks for being a part of my life, feel like you’re all sent from above

I don’t know where Im headed, certainly cant forget where ive been

Thankful I can walk around clear headed, no longer a walking sin

What do they say next? “Urine the right place”

One day at a time though, this aint a friggin race


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