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Inspired by the song 24 Hours to Live, Mase ft. the Lox, Black Rob, DMX



So this is the theme, 24 hours to live

My life has been a dream, still feel I got so much love to give

No wife to leave behind, angels above got one day until they meet the kid


Its rare, not many are told what is their fate

Let alone the exact time, down to the second and the date

It took about an hour to come to grips with these terms

Only 23 left until I’m bout to be food for the worms


Decide to drop down, have a talk with the man upstairs from my knees

Lord please give me strength, help me get thru this last day please


The blessing is that today is sunny and hot

No stressing, aint gotta worry about money, ima go hard until I drop

Aint trying to preach, but theres a better life to live than just the fast way

I guess ill head down to the beach to spend most of my last day

Feel the cool breeze at my back, really enjoy the sand between my toes

Maybe ask a bikini babe to walk, hold my hand, who knows

A cup of ice and a tall red Gatorade, that’s my magic potion

I forget, has my bed been made, that’s the thought as I dive into the ocean

Learned at an early age that’s a great way to cleanse the soul

To start a new day, turn the page, regain control


Sitting on the sand its time to pick up the phone

My brothers may be hundreds of miles away, but im never really alone

Just wanna let yall know, ive appreciated all the love

Your boys bout to be an angel looking down on you from above

Honor my spirit, don’t you dare mourn my passing

Remember the good times, Something About Mary, we were on the theater floor laughing

For real dogs, Im so happy to have had three non blood brothers

Cherish every day, don’t forget to hug your mothers


My time here is almost up, like the last day on a lease

Deuces, two up, now I guess it’s time to say peace


Last meal time, one thing I love to do is eat

A little Velveeta mac n cheese, a big ass hunk of red meat

The clock appears to be moving faster, so precious is time

Phone blowing up off the hook, guess words traveling the grapevine

In the zone not shook, put on some beats, sit back and enjoy the rhymes


Take a second to write the family a little note

Tell them how much I love them, maybe share a favorite quote

“You never plan to fail, you simply fail to plan”

Until we meet again, every day set sail, Love Dan


Time to lay up on the couch, Mr. Kitty on my chest

That love that he shows me, man that shits the best

Its getting so close, almost time for eternal rest

At peace with the situation, everyone eventually gets called, so no stress


Times winding down, about sixty seconds left of breath

Close my eyes and smile, three, two, one, time to face my de……



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