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Gonna define Good Signing, call it Websters Flow

Swagg, taking to the house, Devin Hester Flow


Walk around spreading the word, constantly smiling

Romping around, we call it Good Signing                           

Feet stomping the ground, above all, I call it Good Timing

Positivity and Hope Flow, hope you think its Good Rhyming

Chillin, relaxing, Clearwater Beach stand up, we call it unwinding

Life can be so taxing, always on the move, grinding

Looking for a better way of life, and its exactly what im finding

Lets open our eyes and see the good, so much negativity, can be blinding


There are Good Signs happening every day everywhere around us

We weren’t even looking, this movement, this Sign, it found us                  

Take a peek around, so much beauty in this world to astound us

Positive images that inspire are everywhere, they surround us

Could be anything from a lyric in a song all the way to scripture

If you listen you can hear it, here all along, always been in the picture

Accept and don’t fear it, aint nothing wrong, of this im sure

Bad attitudes are contagious like the flu, this is the cure

Shoot for the moon be courageous dude, don’t live so fast life’s a blur

Wake up years later not a clue where you or are or where you were

I can take the jeers hater, keep em coming thank you sir


Some are fearful of change, which is good, means were doing something right

Gaining momentum, front and center, stronger with every day and every night

Like a magnet for positive people, its easy to get it, smile, be polite

Never know, could change your life, if you let it, it just might


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