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Blessed be those who shall remain last-nameless

Keep coming back, you shall remain painless

Shiny squeaky clean like steel, stainless

Celebrity status in my own mind, almost famous


I know of a place where they’re giving away free hugs

Ask for nothing in return, unconditional love

Undeniable proof that there’s something, someone working up above

Some come in by themselves, others need nudge from a judge or a shove


Doesn’t quite matter where you been, only about where your headed

This is the fuel to keep the engine going, unleaded

The past is the past, its ok, but never forget it

It can keep you held down forever, but only if you let it


I know where I’ve been, no desire to go back

Chose to live fast, still running the race, now on the slow track

Had a choice to make, save my face or save my ass

The voice in my head I couldn’t take, vanished without a trace before the crash


Grateful I was able to hear so much thunder in the skies

Thankful my heads clear, no more darkness beneath my eyes

Come in, discover the meaning of true friendship

Even when it rains the sun shines, possibilities are endless



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