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Well its today, Saturday June 16th, you turn 59 years young

Just a little I love you, miss you, Happy Birthday from your son

Every day I miss you in the worst way, living now tho Ma, having fun

Cant stay away from the beach, Mexican lookin again, grabbing sun


Football is my sport, now Im working in baseball instead

Doing some big things, everyday Blue and Red from my toes to my head

Cant believe it Ma, a pro baseball team is cutting me checks

Possibilities are endless, don’t even know what to expect

I can feel you sometimes up there, my angel, you protect


So cherished are the times we had together, best Mom in the world

You taught me to smile, bat my eyelashes at the pretty girls

Told me whatever I wanted, go get it, wildest dreams do come true

When nobody else did, you looked into my eyes and said ‘I believe in you’


Remember riding from Jersey to Cali, driving a giant UHaul while sitting on your lap

Even had a little couch for me to play on, take a little nap in the back

You taught me that family was so big, most important of all

Together we get thru anything, divided undoubtedly we fall


Cruising around bumping my beats, riding shotty, even tho you hated that crap

Bass hitting hard vibrating your body, enjoy Ma, its gangsta rap

You much preferred sitting back, lounging to a country tune

Happy Birthday Ma, today ill play some Patsy Cline ‘Crazy’ real soon

I Love You and Miss You So Much, Madelyn June