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Im looking for something, searching deeper inside my brain

What can I draw from, what fuels the creativity besides my pain

Glad its been dumped out into words, not looking back in vein

Still find myself going buck ass wild, fuckin insane


Found myself chillin at the beach, just the other day

Sun said adios, here come the clouds, all dark and grey

People ducking for cover, headed for their cars, my mind said stay

Let a few raindrops ruin my day, hell nah in the storm ima play

Rocked it out to the sound of the thunder, wouldn’t have it any other way


Been on another level, ever since things got back under control

Order of operations, do the math, for me its mind body and soul

Those three complete my circle, make me feel whole

No time for rest, pedal to the metal, Danny Boy don’t have cruise control


First things first, gotta make sure im right in my mind

On a constant search, unsure of what im gonna find

At peace with my past, no time to rewind

No longer an outcast, walking my path, steady on my grind


Next is the body, without getting a big head, I’m doing some serious work

Squeaky and mean with those weights in my hand, im talkin clean and jerk

Might take a sip but no time for a break, im in there goin berserk

Music blasting only dude in the room, cant help it, that’s my job it’s a perk

Gotta pinch myself sometimes, get on it, no time to look in the mirror and smirk


Without the first two, I cant even start to get in touch with my soul

Had a glimpse at the darkness, turned me black inside, bag of coal

Helpless and hopeless, never going back, inching towards suicide down in that hole

Now im at peace, comfortable to just kick it, im good, field goal


Filled up with nothing but hope, endless optimism

Discovering all the different sides of D, cant even count what kind of prism

I am but I can as long as I try Ill fly, keep it coming, all the wisdom

The devil gave it his best but I defied, Im done fuckin with him


So whats next for this man

Try not to question Gods plan

How long I gotta keep waiting though damn

Then He spoke to me, said be patient Dan

Its comin, that vision you’ve had for your life

Gonna be worth the wait, feel as if you’ve been blessed twice


I know millions aint coming, not very hard to please

Blue skies a little sun and some music put my mind at ease

Its nice to sit quietly, hear the whisper of the wind in the trees

A couple hundred pages of some inspirational words that’s my steeze

Like Im running around with a net, chasing birds, don’t keep to many bees


Can my heart be pure while my mind is in the gutter

Ill find out for sure now that im cleaned up no clutter

Can I really get a check for going in and having fun

If theres anybody willing to try it then man im the one

Can I stay on the move, constantly progressing

Sure, stay conscious of it, never regressing

Can I keep this attitude, always on the up and up

As long as I stay filled with gratitude, tail wagging wide eyed like a new pup


Can I really change the world, just by carrying around a big yellow sign

Its strange but every boy and girl I talk to reassure that thought in my mind

Can I dream with my eyes wide open, are they really gonna come true

I truly and honestly believe so, how bout you


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