Shaggy Lamb Productions

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

I am the dictator of diction at Shaggy Lamb Productions, where words are our way. Shaggy Lambs Productions produces a difference by igniting the soul’s inner-most-desires and lifelong quest for creative conquest because what you share with the world, is what it keeps of you.

Through multiple channels of publishing, promotional marketing, and charity work, we intend to give the people a voice in an effort to combat the absurd-degree to which people mistreat-one-another.

One cannot expect haste when changing something as grand as the world. What we can do is change what we can control (influence).

Apathy isn’t original, make a difference.

Currently I am one of three contributing writers working on a non-fiction book about a private mental hospital, formerly of Rochester Hills, MI. The hospital catered to Hollywood types, the criminally insane, and children with a nationally renowned children’s psychiatric program.

I am a sportswriter for Sportz Detroit Magazine, covering all things Detroit. Lions, Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers to infinity and beyond.

I have finished editing my first book of poetry, titled The Dying Romantic. It will feature chapters on the themes of Love, Loss, Inspiration, Nature, and Self-reflection.

In my spare time I am a member of Team Chaos and help “make-it-rain” in the world of promotional marketing.

In my spare, spare time I handle corporate affairs for the Global 1 Network (G1NBC). G1NBC is a start-up TV network and Your Local Hometown.

I am the managing editor of the City Edition Post, G1NBC’s first print publication with a circulation of 40,000 units in six different counties, and counting.

Shaggy Lamb Products

  • Books
  • Editorial Copy
  • Advertorial Copy
  • Copy for the web
  • Professional biographies
  • Elevator Pitches
  • Websites
  • Music

Blessed to be Born, A Call to Action

The King of Many Things

Vision Amidst Pouring Rain

Fight With Me

La Resistance


Death to Literally

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton


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