Music that Moves

Music that Moves, a Shaggy Lamb Production


Music that moves is a project designed to actively engage individuals into music that inspires and offers hopes in a better way.

I have challenged individuals with both an outstanding passion and taste for music to produce a song that inspires them in the form of a Facebook wall post on the fan page of “Shaggy Lamb Productions”, which will later be the fan page for “Music that Moves”. They have been advised to offer a few words on why they have made their selection in addition to what musical inspiration means to them.

One video from “Music that Moves” will be selected on a weekly basis to be published on “both sides of the lamb”. Selected participants will be encouraged to provide a short (30 second – 1 minute) podcast explaining why they made their selection, what musical inspiration means to them, and one artist they believe others would benefit from exploring as a new source of inspiration. In the event that participants do not wish, or have the ability to produce a podcast, a write up (100-700 words) will be accepted. If participant fails to meet the agreed upon deadline, the “dictator of diction” will complete the submission.

Podcasts will be edited and produced by Shaggy Lamb Productions as a TV show to be aired on G1NBC TV. Written submissions be made into a mixed-media publication.


  1. Post one song, in the form of a YouTube video each week that inspires you.
  2. “Share” via Facebook on the “Music that Moves” Wall, one post, made by someone else that inspires you.
  3. Comment on at least one post each week that is not your own

Theme Song

Ben Harper – “Better Way”, Both Sides of the Gun, Disc 2

Music that Moves on Facebook


Shaggy Lamb Productionswhere words are our way

Team Cool Jamz

Just Living on Caffeine, Dreams and Love

Team Chaos

Soul Proprietor


MIchigan Summer

Death to Literally



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