Soul Proprietor

Kyle Williams and I will collaborate our efforts  to reignite the Human Connection and create the Soul Proprietor. In an ever-growing-virtual-world, we must not forget about the beautiful world all-around-us, filled with heart and soul, hope, and belief in a better way: in music: in each other: in the Human Connection.

We will utilize a plethora of methods to encourage people  to start meeting people of different cultures, religions, hair-styles, age, and backgrounds and start experiencing the Human Connection. Interpersonal communication is essential to life and the development of us as a cooperative species.

Once a week the co-founders of “THINKING – Outside the Box” will deliver needed goods, ranging from hot food and clean water, to deodorant and clothes to the underpass at Eight Mile and I-75, in Detroit, to a growing congregation of the homeless. We will interview the homeless and tell their story in an effort to reveal the same skin, bones, hopes, dreams and need as the professional athletes we ogle on the field, musicians we kneel before on stage, and children we bring into this world.

There is a disabling disconnect: People want to help, but people display lazy, and unintelligent tendencies. While it is good to put clothes and other goods in a box and drop it off at the Salvation Army, until people see, and more importantly feel whom they are giving too, apathy will be perpetuated.

The “Soul Proprietor” will condition people to understand that in giving, they receive far more than they could ever fill into a box.

We intend to change the world and the degree to which people mistreat one another. Our mission will be fulfilled through living, giving, writing, leading, learning and inspiring.

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