Team Cool Jamz

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Our mission is to fuse the world of music and sport. We will introduce professional athletes to their favorite musicians, and musicians, to their favorite athletes. Team Cool Jamz will leverage its network of good will to create a foundation for aspiring and exceptionally talented artists who could use a little help (“don’t say you don’t! – The Avett Brothers“)

In addition to helping artists, Team Cool Jamz will help children in need as well as tackle work projects both great and small, as professional athletes, musicians, and inspirational people like yourself work side-by-side to ignite light and life in place of darkness.

Through multiple channels of publishing, promotional marketing, and charity work, we intend to give the people a voice in an effort to combat the absurd-degree to which people mistreat-one-another.

One cannot expect haste when changing something as grand as the world. What we can do is change what we can control (influence).

Apathy isn’t original, make a difference.

Our mission will be fulfilled through living, giving, writing, leading, learning and inspiring. If your life is made better by the inspiration you find in sports and music, join us, or convince yourself why you’re too good to help.

If you find great inspiration in music and sports and believe “we as a people” ought to treat one another with a more devout sense of love and understanding join Team Cool Jamz (“Like us”) and stay tuned for how professional athletes + musicians will come together with amazing people such as yourself to help children in need, aspiring artists, and those who could use a helping hand.

If there is a show or concert you believe the world would be better with, than without, don’t be shy. We are the people’s voice. If there is an organization positing tremendous contributions that deserves some attention to could use some help, don’t be shy!

Down the road, Team Cool Jamz will be in the licensing and publishing industry, but its primary goal with be making a difference.

Blessed to be Born, A Call to Action

Vision Amidst Pouring Rain

Fight With Me

La Resistance

Death to Literally

Andrew James Law – the Law, of Music

Team Cool Jamz is an entity of Shaggy Lamb Productions
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