Good Sign Productions

Good Signs are a simple sign of hope for peace, love, and happiness of a united, world community. The world could use more Good Signs wouldn’t you say? We are a reminder that some will still fight to inspire light in loom of darkness! We will make civic duty “cool” by uniting the human species under a single Good Sign! The light of life is all around us but we must open our eyes and hearts and put forth positivity and will communal progress to tap into the energy that is the spirit of a people united!

We will combat the absurd degree to which people one another! We offer a common Good Sign of hope for the people of all nations to embrace, empower, and embody in pursuit of a better way! We challenge you to build awareness by shedding light on individuals, organizations, or simple ascetic truths and beauties that are Good Signs in your community! Print off a Good Sign, take a picture of a Good Sign, discover the energy and excitement that is peace, love, and happiness for all of Earth’s blessings!

By Kevin Alan Lamb, moral muse

Good Signs on our mind, hope in a better way this time

Good Signs held high in the air, a world community, one love, decency and care

Good Signs in our heart– how is it we’ve fallen so far?

Kind, wise eyes illuminate Good Signs fleeing from the burden of disguise

People are good and often need a reminder in the form of a Good Sign

If for salvation we never look, then salvation, we will never find

Positive energy connects the world across the seven seas, within space and time and kind rhymes

Love is the reason I vow against treason of my people and their potential

When a man passes what he shares with this world and the size of his heart are the only measures of his credentials

A simple sign of hope to lift from fear that numbs like dope

Uplift a species defined by its division due to creases and illogical leases leaned against its plight for peaceful, loving, and happy releases

Our finitude is certain, let’s unite under one love and start working our way toward an infectious light, that gives birth to hope amidst even the darkest and dreariest night

People need a helping hand even if they won’t admit it sworn under oath on the stand

People need love even if they have chosen to wear despair like a glove that cuts off the circulation of life-filled-blood to their veins

People need diversity even if they are thirsty for the same old tired tune, sung without rhythm or a beat, certain not to inspire but ruin

People need each other like this earth needs its natural resources provided by its mother

Light needs life to manifest in or darkness is certain to win

Sin needs a sign of a protagonist in the form of an uprising; La Resistance challenges you to enlist!

We will fight not for land or resources but for a better quality of life for a united people with the power of a hundred horses

Good Signs are our proclamation to the tyrants of the world that we will not die in apathy as our fellow brethren starve, die, or suffer in any bureaucratic capacity!

We stand at odds end before darkness armed with knowledge and will in the form of words, unity and Good Signs in the form of shields, and belief in one another that knows no yield!

Do not believe in us but believe in your species!

Let hope be the death of fear in the form of belief in crying eyes that live in a kingdom not above, but below cities in the sky

Show compassion and care like the branded products you’re so willing to wear

Show your soul it belongs to a supreme consciousness exponentially stronger when connected to mankind in its whole!

Show vulnerability in a society that seeks to condemn your honesty!

Show one another that we are all brothers and sisters of another mother

Show darkness that we will not fee from the only fight worth fighting!

Show up for your species or retreat and bare the sign of the coward, because La Resistance is uniting and will charge onward!

Written January 23, 2012, 1:36 PM, returning flight from Las Vegas


The International Society of Exceptional Leaders

Kevin Alan Lamb, dictator of diction & moral muse

“And It Spread” – The Avett Brothers, This Is A Good Sign Official Theme Song


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